I’m Hadi Beheshti, born on 1984 in Iran, currently based in Germany.I started learning ‘Maya’ at 17, and after 6 months of self teaching I joined a game development company called ‘Sami Rayan Pardaz’ as the team leader. I started my own company at the age of 18, which lead to one of our first video games, ‘In The Shadow Of Magic’ that was made by my partner and I to win the “Best Computer game of the year” from “2nd broadcast conference” in 2007 in Iran.
Since then, I’ve been involved in developing more than 16 video games, 2 short Iranian animation cartoons, and also, worked on an Iranian feature film as the CGI artist. Moreover, over the years, I’ve produced, composed or arranged music and many songs under my creative name ‘Simiya’, and so far I’ve published an album and 4 single songs. Also, I have a vast experience in sound effect design and music, and so far I’ve made more than 25 soundtracks for video games and ad commercials.
Moreover, I have a vast experience in other media related fields as well, such as designing posters, editing films, graphic design, building websites, logos, and website design.



Name: City Fruits (شهر میوه ها )


Developer:  Sami Rayan Pardaz (سمیع رایان پرداز)


My Works:


Modeling, Texturing.







Modeling | Environment-Design | Rigging-Skinning | Animating | Texturing and Shading | Lighting-Rendering | Dynamic | GUI Digital-Painting |  Photography | Creativity | Musics and sound effects | Optimization



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