I am a technical artist and 3D generalist and I have more than 20 years of work experience. Most of the time I worked in the game industry.



3D Modeling | Digital Sculpting | Environment-Design | Rigging and Skinning | Animating | UV Mapping and Texturing | Lighting-Rendering | Dynamic | GUI | Digital-Painting | Musics and sound effects Camera Tracking (Matchmoving) | Optimization


C# (Intermediate)

HTML, CSS (Intermediate)

Shader HLSL (Beginner)

C++ (Beginner)


Production of 2D and 3D games:

2007: Barareh,The Lost Land (3D-Game,Original name: بازی سرزمین گمشده برره , Developer:Vijehpardaz pars)

2007: In The Shadow of Magic (3D-Game,Original name: بازی در سایه سحر , Developer: (شرکت کوه یخ آریانا

2007: Mosquito Invaders (2D-Game,Original name: بازی مهاجمان پشه , Developer: (شرکت کوه یخ آریانا

2009: Battle of Jam (3D-Game, it was not published)

2014: Counter-monster guard (3D-Game, Developer: Simiyaworld)

2015: No buzz here (2D-Game, Developer: Simiyaworld)

2015: Microbes War (3D-Game,Developer: Simiyaworld)

2015: Despicable Bird (2D-Game, Developer: Simiyaworld)

2015: My Pocket Army I (2D-Game, Developer: Simiyaworld)

2016: Legend of the Light (3D-Game, Original name: بازی افسانه شید , Developer: (دنیای سیمیا

2016: My Pocket Army II (2D-Game, Developer: Simiyaworld)

2017: Dominoes War (3D-Game, Original name: بازی جنگ دومینو ها , Developer: Simiyaworld&VJ World)

2017: Clash of Heroes (3D-Game, Original name: بازی نبرد قهرمانان , Developer: (دنیای سیمیا

2017: Legend of the great beast (3D-Game, Original name: بازی افسانه دیو بزرگ , Developer: (دنیای سیمیا

2017: Furious Monsters (3D-Game, Original name: بازی خشم هیولا ها , Developer: Simiyaworld&VJ World)

2018: Googoolies (2D-Game, Developer: Simiyaworld, it has not been published yet)

2018: Milo’s Adventure (2.5D-Game, Games Academy)

2019: NeoFlux Drift (3D Couch-multiplayer Game, Developer: Brokenlobster GbR)

2019: Ad Astra (3D-Game, Developer: Dys Topic GbR)

2019: Space Station VR (3D Building strategy game, Developer: -)

Activities as CGI Artist:


Animation design for private companies and various channels some including:

“Mah o Khorschid” (eine 3D-Animation, Original name: (انیمیشن ماه و خورشید

A cartoon about traffic police

Production for various Persian TV channels in Iran (Tehran Channel, Channel 1)

Design and production of visual effects in the movie “Fanoose Khamoosh”

Creating posters, brochures, logos etc. for Iranian products

Creating posters, brochures etc. for Iranian artists

Some multimedia products

Over 8 years of intensive participation in the Iranian magazine “Film and Art” (Original name: (ماهنامه فیلم و هنر

Production of TV commercials

Short films

Compositions of music and design of sound effects for games, movies, and animations